Randy Grim Founder, Stray Rescue of St. Louis

I have worked with National Geographic, Animal Planet and numerous other establishments and their production companies. By far, Speak Up  has been my favorite.  I was amazed how much they were able to capture over a short period of time. They truly “get it.”  

Sarah S. Bernard STL-TV Boulevard Productions, LLC


I have been involved with Speak Up and their work as both a producer and an on-camera personality. I completely trust their judgment and know that the end result will always make me proud. I am happy to recommend them for any film or commercial project.

Zambian Hang, Founder of Chrona

The Speak Up team provided clear communication that allowed for speedy collaboration withoutsacrificing quality. During the editing process, they worked directly with us to address every concern in real-time. The results were a series of video shorts that captured the message, tone, and brand of our young company.”

 Jun Bae, Director

Our conversation started from finding the right audience to marketing strategies to achieve a greater personal vision. Speak Up's advice was vital in moving my project forward, and would recommend their consulting to anyone who wants to move the project forward.